Before installing your bundles, closures or frontals, co-wash them with sulfate -free, moisturizing conditioner. Comb through the bundles gently with a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends of the hair and gently work your way up the weft. Rinse your bundles thoroughly with cooler water, squeeze out all excess water and allow to air dry. A hair dryer can be used if time does not permit. If you intend to color refer to color instructions before you do a co-wash process.

Curly and Kinky Textures

For curly or kinky textures - Top Prize Gold or Silver Series

For better results we recommend combing out while wet. Detangle hair from the ends and work your way up to the top part of the weft. Comb the hair very gently to decrease shedding. If you decide to style your curly or kinky hair while dry, take a water bottle and mist the hair. Proceed to style with products of your choice. Foam wrap, curl custard, defining cream or curl mousse will be sufficient.

Applying heat or chemical services (hair dye or relaxer) will change the pattern of the hair at times. To maintain the integrity of the product we suggest not applying heat or chemicals.

Top Prize Hair can withstand a chemical change of a dye or bleach service. We recommend this service be administered by a licensed professional. For best results, we recommend coloring or bleaching the hair before the install. 

Top Prize Hair will have a long lifespan if the hair is correctly taken care of. You can maintain the hair by keeping it properly cleaned and moisturized. Do not over process the extensions by bleaching or dying excessively. Using the proper heat protectants. Gently detangle wavy and straight hair with a wide tooth comb and moisturize curly hair patterns. Protect your hair at bedtime with a satin or silk scarf, bonnet or pillowcase.

Products that have a lace foundation such as closures, wigs, or frontals please avoid bobby pins, clips, or anything that can puncture or tear the lace. Lace products are hand developed so harsh combing or styling will cause excessive shedding and balding. Gently comb from the ends and hold the hair as you comb through with a wide tooth comb. 

Shampoo by a licensed professional is recommended but if you chose to shampoo your self do not manipulate the closure by balling the hair together. Shampoo and rinse in the same direction for a better result.