Top Prize Hair

Healthy Hair Services and Solutions


 Consultation- $50- Plan your healthy hair care journey! In the consultation a scalp analysis and hair porosity test will be performed. Once you make the commitment to complete the healthy hair care journey, you will select an experience and schedule an appointment. The consultation fee does apply to the deposit or service rendered!

 Ultimate Hair Experience- $425- An experience of a lifetime!  This hair experience includes a scalp detox, ultra-hair growth & scalp rejuvenation treatment, laser hair growth therapy, protein treatment*, special formulated hair growth recipe, and several scalp massages throughout the experience. Trim and style included.

Healthy Hair Experience- $300- Train your hair to win! This hair experience includes an aloe cleanse, steam hydration, laser hair growth therapy, protein treatment*, and scalp massages. Trim and style included.

Detox & Moisturizing Experience- $250- Get rid of toxins and dry hair! This experience includes a scalp detox, a special water rinse, aloe cleanse, steam hydration, deep condition. No trim or style included.

Cleansing Hair Experience- $150- Steam hydration, aloe vera and vitamin c treatment, a special water rinse, cold iron treatment, shampoo & conditioner, and set.

 Silk Press- $125- Aloe cleanse shampoo and conditioning included. Hydrate, Dry and Style!!

Take Out Previous Styles- $50-  This service is available only if Top Prize Hair installed the previous style.


Micro link Sew-In- $300  Shampoo and Condition the hair before service.  Hair is not included unless specified.

Micro links I-Tips- $600 (50 pieces) $1050 (100 pieces)

Aloe cleanse shampoo and conditioning included. Hair is included. Hair is sold in increments of 50 only.

Micro link  I-Tips re-touch- $300- $800

Aloe cleanse shampoo and conditioner included. Hair included.


Sew-in- $200 and up- This protective style will include shampoo, a closure or leave out, and style! Hair not included, unless specified. No Frontal or 360 closure installs.

Seamless Sew- In- $275 and up- This protective style provides style provides the most natural look! This includes shampoo and style. Hair is not included, unless specified.


All hair must be approved 24 hours prior to your appointment. Text 404-908-1369


 Loc Journey- $85- $500

Began your healthy loc journey here! A detox and aloe cleanse shampoo and condition will kick off the journey. Comb twist, two strand twist, starting locs, and Interlocking. Moisturize and dry. No style included.

Loc Journey Maintenance- $75- $300

Train to win!!! Aloe cleanse shampoo and condition. Retwist or interlocking will be performed. Moisturize and dry. No style included.


 Basic Facial- $50- This basic facial includes a mask!

Concentrated Facial- $100- The concentrated facial will focus on acne, anti-aging, calming, and depigmenting.

Male Facial- $65- The male facial is totally designed for men with nothing but the best of the best for the male species!

Male Facial w/ Beard Treatment- $100- A refreshing facial with a beard treatment!

G-Facial- $100- An amazing exfoliation, extraction, and overall refreshing genital facial available for both men and women!